Kalah System is gaining a worldwide reputation for being the most realistic and effective combat system today. 


The Kalah System is not a sports fighting system, nor is it what would be commonly labelled as a commercial self-defence program. It’s a combat system, a realistic self defence system. This means that it deals with real world violence, in a real way.

Kalah is the end result of countless years of tactical experience and as such is best described as a complete combat system. It encompasses a full hand-to-hand combat syllabus, weapons and firearms training as well as other areas of specialism including close protection.

Training in the system is hard. Students are exposed to world-class techniques but also trained to face, understand and ultimately cope with the fear of violence itself. It is this level of realism that sets Kalah apart from other systems. 

We believe in pushing our training to the limit, testing our techniques under real pressure to make sure that when you need it you have the best chance of survival.

Combat Kalah "Prepare for Reality"

About Us

Our classes will challenge you, teach you, grow your fitness and conditioning but most importantly give you a real understanding of modern violence and how to deal with it.

Real Self Defence

Kalah combines techniques developed by three Israeli special forces units to deliver training that helps students survive even the most brutal of attacks. Power to the prey.

Professional Instruction

Only Kalah UK schools train the Kalah System as developed by Idan Abolnik. Accept no substitute. Train in the most realistic environment possible.



Improve awareness 


Improve mindset


Improve skills to survive

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Combat Kalah

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